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Alain Milliat : Nectars, juice, a restaurant, a blog: good, beautiful and natural!

Nectars are my favorite: the bottles are beautiful, natural fruit nectars, velvety, colorful, delicious! My kids love them. Is that they prefer the raspberry nectar. When we try to Thanks, raspberry nectar accompanies the delicious orange cake. Alain Milliat is a mark of juices, nectars, and other natural products to discover. Alain Milliat is also a restaurant. The kitchen, Jon Irwin, in English who spent two years at Pierre Gagnaire concocts dishes fresh and natural. The decor is welcoming, with its walls of prettiest bottles. So go visit their site and blog!

“Food is so delicious, natural and beautiful!”

Alain Milliat

159 rue de Grenelle

75007 Paris

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