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Flowers to decorate and cook

Crêpes à la rose – Source de french-cuisine-is-beautiful : “La cuisine des petits chemins” – Collection Mon Grain de Sel – Editions Tana – Photographie : Raphaële Vidaling

Glaçons à la violette – Source de cuisine-is-beautiful : “La cuisine des petits chemins” – Collection Mon Grain de Sel – Editions Tana – Photographie : Raphaële Vidaling

It was long ago that I was looking for a simple presentation of flowers to cook, what I discovered in Terre Exotique, which offers brand spices for cooking. Do not hesitate to go see their site and their products.
There are other flowers that cooking those presented (such as violets, borage, Poppy, marjoram, passion or dandelion) but I like the simplicity of the description.
So here’s what I’ve read and discovered:

Flowers to cook: Roses, marigold, cornflower, purple, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, hibiscus

Flowers for perfume:

Rose petal red long been used in France in jams, these petals can also be infused with sugar or crystallized.
Rosebud: it is the flower picked before maturity. The scent of this flower is very fragrant and enchanting.
Lavender: This flower blends beautifully with any fruit (peaches, melon, figs). It can also sit in a pot sugar for flavor.
Chamomile: Well known for its soothing teas in, it can serve as a basis for an ice cream or a cream egg flowers.
Jasmin: Symbol of love and temptation feminine perfume with its captivating fragrance delight, creams, ice cream and financiers.

Flowers for decoration:

Cornflower petal: its beautiful color makes a decorative flower surprising. A slide in ice on an omelet or a salad of orange.

Purple flower: Decorate cakes with elegance crystallizing sugar or add to stuffed mussels or a frisée salad with feta.

Petal concern: concern sunny dishes its orange color. A sprinkle of snow eggs or risotto.

Hibiscus: It is mainly used in Karkade (ice tea). Its purple color with refinement all liquids in which it is brewed (punch, mango soup, etc.).

Use ancestral

Since ancient times, flowers are used by chefs.

In France, it is the 18th century that these flowers were the most commonly used in cooking. They were the usual ingredients for the preparation of ice cream, fruit jellies, pastes flowers, dragees, tablets, pralines and water and preserved flowers.

Harvesting and conservation of plants:

flowers can be used fresh or dried.

If you pick the spring, do not pick them anyhow: Do not pick plants that you know which are edible. For the larger species, cut only the end portion, long 15 to 20 cm. He never put his crop in a plastic bag. Do not pick plants anytime. The flowers should be picked just hatched before noon, dry weather.


When picking the flowers must be placed in a basket without being crowded. It is best to consume fresh plants, the day of collection. It is possible to freeze or dry. In this case, they are spread in a well ventilated place away from light. You can also dry them in the oven for 30 minutes at 40 degrees. Once dry, the plants are kept in paper bags, metal cans or jars tightly closed. Never use plastic boxes. Plants are stored in a cool (up to 15 degrees) and in the dark, with a label on each container. Thoroughly dry, they retain a year until the next harvest.

Of course, if you do not have the opportunity to go pickings, you can buy these flowers. as, for example, the online store that offers a Terre Exotique nice range of dried flowers.


Peach soup: soup sprinkle your peach hibiscus, mix and let cool at least 30 minutes.

Ice flowers: Add a flower or petal in each box of your ice cube tray before freezing.

Saint-Jacques flowers: Mix rose buds, pine nuts and breadcrumbs, and roll your nuts in this preparation before you enter.

Creme brulee with lavender: Infuse lavender flowers in your cream before mixing egg

French cuisine is so beautiful 🙂 !


Tasty blogs: “, cooking range,” “La Tartine Gourmande”, “Doyoudoux”

Tasty blogs: “, cooking range,” “La Tartine Gourmande”, “Doyoudoux”

“, cooking range,” blog found in Marie Claire Ideas January. Powered by Emilie, a young 26 year old woman, talented, artistic director of professional, passionate color, cooking, culinary design, photos … So her blog is too good!! too cool! Kes? ate all pages with undisguised pleasure. The recipes make you want to eat, the staged products are poetic and colorful, great pictures, Here is a blog that has lots of appetizing taste! So go visit it. Kes? loved the decor of marriage, the advent calendar and many other things. Emilie has also published a book “I cook poetic” published by Pyramid.

Finally, introduces other blogs as delicious as Doyoudoux or La Tartine Gourmande, led by Beatrice. , Doyoudoux, La Tartine gourmande

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