Pastry Chef Christophe Adam and his book “Eclairs”

Pastry Chef Christophe Adam. he has long excelled at Fauchon, through an extraordinary gourmet creativity. And he is now a consultant in the field of creative pastry. He runs a blog “Sweet Design’s Blog … which taste is beautiful” blog “Sucré Design…Le Blog où le goût se fait beau”. Kesz? discovered him through his book “Eclairs” by Editions de La Martiniere. In this colorful book and greedy, Christopher Adam declines Eclairs, pastry queen at Fauchon, in all colors, all tastes, all the trappings, in any decor and with exceptional creativity. Its flashes are delicious, amazing, explosive, ever-changing! They invent all events, for all occasions. So go find out !

Week-End Eclairs FAUCHON
Week-End Eclair chez FAUCHON
Source french cuisine is beautiful :

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