La Cocotte, shop of “gourmet items”, 5 rue Paul Bert, in the 11th in Paris.

La Cocotte is a nickname that means “Chicken” in a loving French. La Cocotte is a shop that proposes gourmet items, 5 rue Paul Bert, in the 11th in Paris. Andrea and Laetitia welcome you into a world they imagined, created and enhanced, that of a heroine: La Cocotte! A cocotte who first wanted to offer a selection of books about the pleasures of cooking and taste. La Cocotte, then grew up and had new desires – to develop a collection of textiles, aprons, tea, bread bags, marcels children – cook up some gourmet delights such as milk jam or nuts and choquetines, delicious biscuits .. . in short, La Cocotte grew, she became greedy Object Workshop … what to say is that this casserole is generous, colorful, well planted on both legs, daring, full of ideas, creative and delicious! What to say also is that Andrea from Argentina and she brought back from there, tastes, colors, but also a sense of hospitality, generosity and attention that life of rose colors … This is also the color of the casserole! Go ahead! Go visit their site:
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 Source french cuisine is beautiful : :

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